Crashed the wedding ~ The SSE Hydro, Glasgow 18.04.2014 +

Dougie Poynter ~ Liverpool, 19.04.14. +

Anonymous: Hi, can you help me? I saw some of yours minimalists' posts so could you tell me how you did that please? Thanks

Hi! I am really shit at explaining these kind of stuff but basically you just choose a background (a light color is good) and you choose an image, you cut it and you place it in front of the background, then you add text under. :).

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conspiculouis: can you let your followers know that i have 3 tickets for mcbusted on thursday at the o2. i'm selling them at face value for £35.

guys, tickets for sale! :))

McBusted portrait session. +

Danny, James & Matt dancing on I want you back. +

Floynter The SSE Hydro, Glasgow - April 18 +


I’ve been promising a follow forever for ages and nothing better than use my birthday to thanks all my favorites blogs for making my dash flawless. Some of you I call friends, others we may never talked but i’d like you all to know that if you’re here it’s because I really admire you/your blog, so thank you very much babies :’) X Bea

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Thank youuu so much! :)))

Tom teasing the OMFG! zone. +

Danny dancing on I want you back. +

Tom Fletcher ~ The SSE Hydro, Glasgow - April 17 +


Flones ~ The SSE Hydro, Glasgow - April 17 +

boybandlovingweirdo: I saw you did this for someone else so i wondered if you could let everyone know i have 2 tickets for sale for the show on the 4th of May in Sheffield that i desperately need to sell, for face value :)

Tickets for sale everyone!

"Lads on tour!”