If you were a dinosaur for a day, what would you do? +

Dougie Poynter’s ALS #IceBucketChallenge. +

Can we trust you Dougie?

@georgiahorsley1 Getting warm after our Nice hair


Today’s Happy meeting. Business as usual. James came as the invisible man.


okay, so recently i reached 100,000 followers. first of all, i just want to thank each and every one of you. it’s such an honour to have this big of a following and i know so many people who deserve it more than me. i’m so grateful i’m one of only a handful of people on this site who has such an amount. i’d like to list all the blogs that i’ve enjoyed following over the 2 years i’ve being on here. however there are a few people i’d like to give individual spotlight to first.

morgrana - okay abbie, listen here loser. you know as much as me that you’re the best gifmaker on this site and you’re also the dumbest (also not at all punk rock sorry sweetheart). tbh you’re not here cause you’re my girlfriend, you’re here cause i remember falling in love with your blog about a year ago when i first found out you existed. you’re lovely and cute and talented and you are genuinely my best friend (sometimes i forget we’re even together because you’re just amazing) and you need to live your dreams. and maybe kiss me a bit.

yousneezed/iamnerdvana/mcveye - yo laura, i don’t even know if you’re gonna have the same URL you had when i first started typing this out once i finish because yOU CHANGE IT SO DAMN MUCH GIRL!! but yeah i just want to say you’re a sweetheart and i know i can always talk you if i have a problem. you better know you can talk to me about anything whenever because i want to return the favour. be strong and know that *hollywood ending beat* i’ll be there for you

thathomosexual - ciara we’ve been friends for i don’t even know how long and even though we fade in and out, we both know that we’re still close like peas and carrots. you’re an idiot and you deserve all the happiness in the world. (oh and i was in your follow forever so kinda had to pay you back anyway what a shame)

yolucas - hey kayleigh, we’re actually pretty tight. like, we don’t talk MUCH because you live in stupid Australia but you always make me laugh cause you’re really weird and great. keep sending me jokes and links to stupid posts you make because it makes my day.

okay before i get onto the list of blogs i love to follow, may i say in advance that i apologize for any blogs i miss out. i have a shit memory and there are so many people who i enjoy following, there’s bound to be quite a lot of people i forget to include. i’m going to put the blogs into categories (which you can see below) - i also apologize if i put your blog in a category you’d not put yourself in (it’s just what i’ve always classed your blog as).’

*big faves bolded*

fandom blogs:

arthurpendragonns / agentsokka / alostbluebox / avatarjuice / avataraddiction / brolinbutts   bisexualmerlin / blackmoods / borntosavethedoctor / bradleysass / clacing / colinmorgay / castials / colinmorgans / courtsorcerer / derekshales / deanharrisackles / dashboard / deanforestr / deanpendragon / dreamingofdollopheads / emmawayson / emmaswans / ewparrish / greenleefs /     hookfire / halestilinskiis / itsjustjensen / imjohnlocked / innerchihiro / kingshezza / ladyemrys / landofmerlin / lparrillas / letstheriveranswer / longlivepetercapaldi / merlinstilinski / merlinisamazing / microcomets / mishpala / missazula / nobleamy / oswinnponds / ohmykorra / pondragon / raggedymans / royalpendragon / raachelgreen / regenerational / sammysexual / scruffymish / suchasugarcube / shewolffstark / sircolinmorgan / sir-mycrofttenshair / tatianamaslnay / tatiananmaslany / teresaagnies / tennants-hair / tsundereslasher / theloveofcamelot / wilscarletts / winkydean

bandom blogs:

ashemmings / dougiepoynter / dougstyles / englishlikeaffair / feellikedancingtonight / greenlght / itsclemmings / itsmuke / joesbrooks / lashtonic / lauwmcfly / mcflygirl22 / michaelcliffordjpg / myhemmingsheartache / mychaelcliffford / mcflypleaseplease / orgascal / panic-in-neverland / stupidcal / take-me-to-transylvania / tbhtradleytryshard / vampsoverload / vsosluke wethevamps / werethevamps / 5sos-unofficial

a-bit-of-everything blogs:

alaskawolf / also-a-noun / baskerlock / bubblegumbullets / chlocolate / confuslng / daseh  / digitalandempty / disjuncted / emmacdwatson / fight—dinosaurs-save-the-world / gxlaxies / getmeluciferandjackharkness / galifreyy / icavein / lethalloki / mcrzombie / okay  roomonthe7floor / starsthatyoutaughthowtoshine / thegreatgayflood / the-pietriarchy  tardis221b / the-consulting-time-hobbit / tyleroakley / urban-catfitter

Wow, thank you so much Jake!Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)))


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The Fletchers: ALS/MND Ice Bucket Challenge +


'Buzz has completely changed my life. Even before he was born, when we found out we were having a baby, it just completely turns your world upside down, really' - Tom Fletcher.