@dannymcfly Someone is sleepy today!??

Bride and Groom to be…soon!

Anonymous asked: omg I'm sorry! I meant to say If you could link me to the pics of Danny's shag party in Ibiza with the guys because I've seen a couple but I think there's more. Thanks xx

They all are in this article. :)))


Anonymous asked: what psd did you use on the carrie and tom gifset?? ive been looking for something like that for ages! thank you love xx

I am not using psds, I am most of the time using curves to define the bright that I want and then I add a bit of saturation, a bit of contrast and that’s done! :)

Anonymous asked: Hi! i am the one who asked you about the photos in unsaid things. I wanted to know if you could scan the page that has photos of dougie as a kid and the page that has two photos, the first one is a photo of dougie and danny in the mcfly band house and under it a photo of dougie in his old bedroom. Sorry if you don't understand! i speak spanish i am not so good in english!

Hi again!

Here are the scans you asked for : 1 / 2 / 3 

I think that’s the ones you requested! If not, send me another message!


Tom Vs Carrie! +

Carrie & Buzz are the cuttest. +


@idougahole: Found small bench. Set trap. Found it hilarious. Good day

Uh Tom, that’s rude. +


Hi guys, today I decided to do a special post. I never do this, but I think each of these blogs deserve to know how special they are. Honestly I would like to put all the blogs I like, but I’d be here all day.Just like to say that my favorite part of the day is when I can be with you on tumblr,getting asks and meeting new people! This is wonderful. I would like to know each of you better, help you when you need it, anyway. I love you and your blogs are wonderful! Thank you for help me to hit 700F ♥
So, this is my favorites blogs EVER!

myaaronespinosa (my bae) cuddlingmendes cuddlememagcon taylorcaniffsbabe doyougot-abae doyougotabea withtaylorcaniff lifespinosa caniff-gilinsky caniffs-bae baesicmagcon camsbeyonce gilinsky-shawn gilinskyzayum lazydallas thedillonrupp allthatmattters ninevinerss camdawgdallas paradisespinosa pretty-in-puma seekingmykingdom whiteslides ughgilinskyxx toonashty highgilinsky omahamembers weak4wilk darlingsdallas darlingmendes jacobs-thots lauuwmcfly 4tlantica welovejccaylen thoseo2l-magconboys janoflawless matthewespiinossa (infinityloveforo2l infinity love for your blog) delicatematt nashgrier-ornah darlingsdallas magcon-or-n4hh magcon-o2l-or-die reynoldsgrier reynoldsxespinosabaes biebersmendes biebs-malik supshawnmendes taylor-caniffs-bandana

So that's all, thank you for being part of my day, you guys are wonderful as well as your blogs. So GO FOLLOW THEM! bye ♥

Thank you so much! :’) I’m sorry I didn’t see this earlier!

Thank you so much to whoever wrote this :))))