Dear Carrie ~ The one when I backup. +

Dear Tom ~ The one when I 'Dear Tom' again. +

Tyler Oakley + Marcus Butler = Tom Fletcher. +



Dear Carrie ~ The one when 'I Dear Carrie' again. +

stephtheunicorn asked: i really don't like the whole mcbusted thing cause of the simple fact i never liked busted and i waited to many years for album six for nothing. but i still hit the like button to show support, so i'm sure there's a lot of people who did the same thing

That’s a good thing to do! We can’t agree with them in all their choices but we can still support them! :)

Anonymous asked: a lot of people on tumblr who aren't into mcbusted (or their music) aren't going to watch the air guitar video in the first place

By people who are not into McBusted, I meant, people who were a fan of McFly but are not into McBusted. So I guess these people will be curious and listen to air guitar at least once to give it a try?

I can see on tumblr that most people are not really into McBusted or their new single but at the same time there are only a few dislike on the Air guitar lyric video they posted on vevo. This is a weird isn’t it? I feel like putting a thumb down is a better way to show what you think than sending hate messages to the guys…?

Mcbusted in Air Zone Ibiza 2014


Anonymous asked: hey did u see danny changed his user on twitter? i guess McFly is going to an end

Yeah I saw it, I don’t know if it’s related to McBusted debut… Maybe Danny was just tired of being called Danny from McFly (or Danny McFly), because most of the time they are called like that and I guess people don’t even know their last name…but yeah I recognize it’s a bit weird…

@jamesbourne there’s a new boyband in town . Called Mc.

Anonymous asked: What do you think of Air Guitar?!?

About the lyric video, I love the fact it´s like a guitar hero theme, I used to be obsessed with guitar hero a while ago and seen this makes me want to play again!

About the song itself, I am more in the verses than the chorus to be honest. I am bit disappointed we can barely hear Danny during the whole song. Also, I was expecting the song to be more grown up, they are all soon in their thirties and I thought it would have made a difference.Despite all these comments, I like the song and I find it very catchy! It will be way better live for sure! I think I will dig it in the next few days!

At the end, it could have been better, it could have been worse, this is a fresh start for them and I don’t feel like it sounds like McFly or Busted, it’s McBusted! I actually think this song has a strong All Time Low influence, I have no idea why but yeah I am hearing a bit of All Time Low here.

What do you guys think about the new single Air Guitar?!?